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Toms Trautmanis
Office of Sports Affairs



2017. ALAs sporta division board members. 1st row from left Vidvuds Celtnieks, Soccer coordinator; Toms Trautmanis, director; Edgars Bedrītis, treasurer – emeritus; 2nd row Ēriks Krievs, men’s volleyball coordinator; Andris Trautmanis, treasurer; Valdis Ķeris, West coast representative; Jānis Ģiga, East coast representative.


Sports Office Director’s Report (Executive Summary)

The goal of the ALA sports office is to bring together Latvians through sports.  We have the opportunity to work with the younger generation, to whom sports has a greater meaning.   The sports office includes many sports.  Our individual sports representatives work to inform those who are interested about what we are doing in the sports.  We also have representatives from each of the geographic areas: east coast, midwest and west coast. Every year we organize the Latvian championships in men’s and women’s volleyball, basketball and hockey.  In 2017 we had our 64th annual tournament.  We want to involve as many young people we can and maybe the change in date will help this. More information about the Sports office can be found on the ALA website under the sports division (

2016 Championships

ALA had their 64th consecutive volleyball and basketball games on September 30th in Gaŗezers  We moved the games to the fall because, the best volleyball players have the USA Volleyball Nationals on Memorial Day weekend and could not participate in the Latvian nationals.  There were 2 basketball teams, 3 women’s  and 7 men’s volleyball teams.

In basketball, the teams were New York “Rakte” and a combined Chicago Kalamazoo team.  New York had most of their players back and a had a few additions as well.  They played 2 games and New York won both games 48:37 and 48:38.  Adam Galuppo from New York was named MVP and Kaldis Grants from Kalamazoo was given the trophy for the best player on and off the court.

For the women, 3 teams competed: Kalamazoo, Toronto and Chicago.  All three teams had high quality players.  They played a round-robin and Kalamazoo came in first, followed by Toronto and then Chicago.  In the playoffs, Toronto beat Chicago and then Kalamazoo beat Toronto in the finals 2:0.  The MVP was Lija Krievs from Kalamazoo, best spiker was Kristīna Krautmanis from Kalamazoo. 

For the men there were 7 teams, playing in 2 groups. Chicago won the first pool, followed by Toronto, Cleveland and Toronto TKO in fourth.  The other pool was won by Kalamazoo, followed by Washington DC and Chicago “Vikings”..  In the quarterfinals Kalamazoo beat Cleveland and Washington beat Chicago Vikings and Toronto beat Toronto TKO.  In the semifinals Chicago beat Kalamazoo and Toronto beat Washington “Sigulda”.  In the finals, Toronto came back and beat Chicago 2:0.  The MVP was Robert Jon Houston from Toronto, the best spiker was Kārlis Abuls from Chicago and the best player on and off the court was Marks Abuls, Chicago.


In 2017, there were 9 tournaments, with over 407 golfers: the Detroit USA cup and Fraternity games, the Ohio Cup between golfers from Cleveland and Columbus, the Latvian Happy Hour Club in Chicago spring and fall tournaments, The Garezers John’s Day tournament, the Annual Gaŗezers 4-2 weekend golf tournament, Seattle Latvian Golf Association 14th Annual tournament, the Lansing Annual Latvian Happy Hour (LHH) golf tournament and the Rochester DV tournament.  The results can be found on the ALA webpage.


The Latvia Cup in soccer was played during tha Song Festival in Baltimore.  After a hard fought game, NJ “Kursa” won 3-0 over the Midwest team.  The MVP was Lūkas Pūrs from “Kursa” who scored 2 goals. In 2017, the game will again be played in the Midwest.


The novuss section has been very active in the last year.  There have been tournaments in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York San Diego and Washington DC. Again this year they had a winners tournament in Las Vegas. You can find more information about novuss at their website

Other sports events

Every year, the sports office funds a scholarship at the Latvian high school for a boy and a girl scholar athlete.  The sports office has supported many other events in 2017, including volleyball, soccer and track and field on the East Coast, which was organized by the East Coast representative Jānis Ģiga, along with his many helpers.  In Los Angeles, they held a beach volleyball tournament „Costume Cup” which was organized on Halloween weekend.  

Toms Trautmanis, Sports office director