In Riga it is Monday, July 22nd, 2019, 4:41 AM

Ukraine and Baltic Sovereignty issues

Call to Action

Since February 2014, Russia has engaged in a campaign of military intervention in eastern regions of the Ukraine, interfering with the sovereignty of this independent nation.  Its „stealth” invasion force of unmarked Russian armed forces and paramilitaries, regular Russian armed forces, and Russian-armed separatists, has disturbed a peaceful continent. The United States needs to do more to react to these illegal acts.  
Call your Representative and ask that Congress:
  • Refuse to recognize Russia’s annexation of eastern Ukraine by co-sponsoring the Crimea Annexation Non-Recognition Act HR 93;
  • Guarantee a continued active and enduring NATO presence in the Baltics through troop deployments, prepositioned military equipment, joint military exercises, and strengthened capacity (as outlined in the the U.S. Support and Reassurance Initiatives for the Baltics and Central Europe);
  • Support initiatives to strengthen independent news outlets broadcasting in Russia and Ukraine in the Russian language, such as Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, to serve as an alternative to the Russian propaganda machine;
  • Exert more pressure on Russia in the form of increased targeted economic sanctions to stop its lawless agression in Ukraine
  • Provide critical aid to Ukraine to help it fight against a foreign aggressor and implement the provisions of the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. 
Join us in our request to the Latvian government:
  • To fulfill the member obligations under the NATO treaty and increase the Latvian defense budget to 2 percent of GDP (sooner than the current provision of 2020), and to strengthen its defense capabilities and Eastern borders;
  • To address the question of Russian propaganda in Latvia’s territory;
  • To support social integration programs for Latvia’s ethnic minorities.
Other ways to get involved and help: 
  • Join the Central and East European Coalition Advocacy Day at the U.S. Congress on April 16, 2015, which will take place in liason with the 11th Baltic Conference “History Repeated: Baltics and Eastern Europe in Peril?”, organized by the Joint Baltic American National Committee;
  • Strengthen Latvia’s economic security by helping Latvian companies to reach out to new markets, including the U.S., and promote American investments in the Baltic region.