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Ticket Reservation for Song and Dance Festival

March 08, 2018

The Latvian National Centre for Culture has provided the World Federation of Free Latvians member organizations, including the American Latvian Association, a limited number of tickets for sale to the closing concerts of the XXVI Latvian Nationwide Song and XVI Dance Festival, which are reserved for those Latvians in the U.S. who have worked in preservation of the Latvian culture and the song and dance festival tradition. If any qualifying ALA member, who is personally planning to attend the festival, would like to purchase two tickets to the closing concert “Zvaigžņu ceļā” OR the dance performance “Māras zeme”, he or she should fill out the attached form: by March 16th! Upon registration, please provide your name, telephone number, e-mail address, represented organization or other reason for qualifying for this privilege. If the number of applications will exceed the number of tickets in ALA’s possession, the right to purchase tickets will be determined in a raffle. Each ticket will cost $75. Each person must apply for the concert of their preference. The tickets will be sold in pairs.